Farm Vehicle Accidents

Drive a few miles outside the Baltimore suburbs during harvest season, and you’re likely to encounter farm equipment on public roadways in Maryland. When a Maryland car accident occurs with one of these massive agricultural vehicles on the road, the results can range from damage to vehicles to serious injury and death for motorists.

Maryland Auto Accidents With Farm / Agricultural Equipment

The Maryland suburbs have sprawled beyond the traditional bedroom communities outside Baltimore. Places once known as “farm country” are now home to people willing to commute a distance to work in exchange for the peace and quiet of Maryland country life. The result is cars sharing public roadways with large, slow-moving farm vehicles that are moving from one parcel of land to another.

Farm machinery safety on public roads in Maryland is a concern for both working farmers and car drivers sharing these rural roadways. Counties where car accidents with farm vehicles occur include those rural Md. communities outside Baltimore City, including Baltimore County, Harford County, Carroll County, and Howard County, Md. — as well as Eastern Maryland communities such as Cecil County, Kent County, and Queen Anne’s County, Md.

Maryland Law and Agricultural Vehicles on Public Rights of Way

Farmers in Maryland who need to take their agricultural equipment onto public roadways are required to obey the rules of the road — as are Md. car, SUV, and truck drivers who share those back roads with them. If a farm vehicle is driving too fast, or a car recklessly tries to pass a slow-going tractor, combine harvester, or other piece of farm machinery, a serious auto accident with personal injury or fatality can occur.

Auto accidents with farm machinery in Maryland can be very complicated, from a legal perspective. That is why experienced Maryland car and farm vehicle accident lawyers frequently work with drivers who get hurt in these types of road accidents.

(Motorist injury and death may also occur when people driving in rural parts of Maryland encounter Livestock in the Road — another hazard of back road driving and increased volume of cars in Md. farm country.)

If You’ve Been Injured in a Maryland Auto Accident With Farm Machinery…

  1. Seek immediate medical attention and document your accident injuries.
  2. A formal police report and investigation is required to properly document the Maryland car and farm vehicle accident. CALL THE POLICE if they don’t arrive on scene immediately.
  3. Note the details and circumstances surrounding the Maryland car and farm equipment accident (time of day, weather conditions, location of accident).
  4. TAKE PHOTOS with your cell phone camera or other camera, if you can do so safely.
  5. Contact an experienced Md. farm equipment and car accident lawyer to investigate whether negligence or recklessness may apply to your case.

The professional Maryland attorneys at Butschky & Butschky, LLC only represent plaintiffs who have been injured or, sadly, killed in motor vehicle accidents. We have experience with Maryland auto accidents involving farm machinery on the road and highway — and we know how Md. driving laws and insurance requirements impact liability in such accidents.

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