Workers’ Compensation

What happens if you’re injured on the job and unable to work? How will you pay your medical bills and make ends meet? Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide for citizens who are injured or become sick or disabled as a result of performing their jobs. Each state has its own requirements for employees to qualify for workers’ compensation insurance.

Maryland Law and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law is very specific about what types of injuries are covered, even if they happened “on the job.” The Maryland statute mandates that harm suffered by an employee must be caused by an “accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment.” Cases fall into two categories: accidental injury or occupational disease.

Butschky & Butschky, LLC represents employees who have been injured or become ill or disabled as a result of their work, including those hurt in Maryland construction accidents. Over the past two decades, we have appeared before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, representing thousands of injured and sick employees, from teachers to police officers to plumbers and physicians. Anyone can become sick or injured at work, and we have successfully represented clients from across the spectrum of professions.

As experienced personal injury attorneys who are well versed in Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law, we can ensure that you receive the proper medical care, document your injuries or illness properly, and make sure that you receive the maximum Workers’ Compensation benefits to which you are entitled under Maryland law.

Benefits may include Disability Benefits (temporary, partial, total, and permanent), Medical/Hospitalization, Wage Reimbursement and Vocational Rehabilitation.

If You’ve Been Injured or Become Ill as a Result of Performing Your Job…

  1. Think about the physician you will consult and choose a doctor whom you know will be your ally in your efforts to collect Workers’ Compensation. We can help you find an experienced physician if you need assistance.
  2. Record the details on the circumstances surrounding the accident or injury.
  3. DO NOT give a statement to the insurance company! This is very important, as injured people can be misled into giving statements that may be used to deny their claims.
  4. Contact us for a free consultation to see if you may have a legitimate Workers’ Compensation claim.

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For more helpful information on what to do if you’ve been hurt at work in Maryland, please see our blog articles on Maryland Workers Compensation claims.

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