Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies as the result of an accident or negligence, lives are shattered. In addition to the heavy emotional toll, grieving families are faced with medical and funeral expenses, lost wages, and uncertain futures. The last thing they want to think about is an insurance claim or lawsuit. Which is why the experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys of Butschky & Butschky, LLC are here to help.

Wrongful death is defined in Maryland as death as a result of accidental injury due to the negligence of a liable person or entity (e.g., a business). It may occur as the result of a motor vehicle or other traffic accident, a workplace accident, or as a result of Medical Negligence. If your spouse or family member has died as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensatory damages under Maryland’s Wrongful Death Statute and Survival Actions (see below).

Butschky & Butschky, LLC is a small legal practice based in Maryland representing clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. As experienced personal injury attorneys who have successfully handled wrongful death claims for over two decades, we will take care of legal matters while you honor your lost loved one and begin the process of healing.

It’s important to consult an experienced Maryland wrongful death attorney immediately, prior to speaking with the insurance company or other attorneys retained by potentially liable parties. There are unfortunately too many cases of people who waited to take action on wrongful death claims, or who gave statements without knowing their rights, only to forfeit compensation that they would otherwise been due.

We are sorry for your loss, and we understand that dealing with legal issues while you are grieving is difficult. But please, do not give up your rights by waiting to consult with an attorney now while the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident are readily available. Our job is to make sure the accident and surrounding circumstances are documented properly, so you may receive the financial compensation that you are entitled to by law.

Maryland Wrongful Death Statute and Survival Actions

The State of Maryland has two statutes related to wrongful death claims and cases:

The Survival Statute covers “conscious pain and suffering” endured by the deceased, if they survived the accident and then later died of their injuries. The Wrongful Death Statute covers surviving family members — spouses, parents, children, and siblings. Compensatory damages may include medical and funeral expenses, past, present, and future lost wages (based on what the deceased would have earned over their lifetime), as well as other care and financial support that they would have provided to their family.

Important Note: Maryland is one of the few states that still upholds a “contributory negligence” law — meaning if your loved one is found to be even 1/100th of a percent responsible for the accident that caused their death, your insurance claim can be denied. This is why it is critical to retain a personal injury attorney who understands the intricacies of Maryland law and the insurance system.

If You Have Lost a Family Member or Loved One in a Motor Vehicle Accident, Work-Related Accident, or Due to Medical Error

  1. Note the details on the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s accident and death.
  2. DO NOT speak to the insurance company or to any other attorneys representing interested parties! This is very important, as grieving family members can be misled into giving statements that will be used to deny their claim.
  3. Contact us for a free consultation to see if you may have a legitimate wrongful death claim or case.

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