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According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2016 Population Estimate, Baltimore City is home to 614,664 people. Baltimore City is an independent city that is not part of Baltimore County, which surrounds it. Baltimore City is the largest city in Maryland and home to our Circuit Court, several District Courts, and what is still called Orphans’ Court.

Our Maryland accident injury attorneys have represented clients in Baltimore City for more than 25 years. A large part of our practice is focused on people injured and killed in motor vehicle accidents, and over the years we have assisted hundreds of clients in Baltimore City. For their convenience, we maintain an office downtown at 210 E. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore City may be best known for its shipping industry and burgeoning waterfront district. The city was the focus of the HBO dramatic series The Wire. Baltimore City is home to Johns Hopkins University, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Baltimore Ravens. The city has become world famous in large part thanks to its famous Maryland crab houses.

The city itself poses the same driving and pedestrian hazards as any congested urban locale. It can be treacherous for bicyclists and motorcyclists as well. And people who commute into Baltimore City from the surrounding Baltimore County suburbs will attest — the highways that encircle and lead into Baltimore, as well as the bridges, can pose real driving challenges. This includes highways and secondary roadways leading to and from Baltimore City, such as Interstate 83 (I-83), also known as the Jones Falls Expressway (and JFX to Baltimore residents), and Maryland Route 45 (MD 45), also called the York Road.

Bridges include the four-lane Francis Scott Key Bridge, which extends 1.6 miles across Baltimore Harbor as part of the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), the Howard Street bridge built in 1938, and the dual-span Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which, as part of US 50 and US 301, connects the state’s eastern shore with the western shore.

Baltimore City Traffic Accident Fatality Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released its 2016 traffic accident data. Baltimore City recorded 41 motor vehicle crash-related fatalities in 2016, up from 28 deaths in 2012. In surrounding Baltimore County, 55 motor vehicle accident-related deaths occurred in 2016, down from 68 fatalities in 2012. Driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding account for a significant number of these deaths. Intersections have also proven to be dangerous spots and locations for fatal motor vehicle accidents in and around Baltimore.

Truck accident, motorcycle accident, and pedestrian accident fatalities are also included in these sad numbers, as are the deaths of people who were vehicle passengers. Of the 505 motor vehicle accident fatalities in the state of Maryland in 2016 — 106 were rural, 393 were urban, and 6 were classified as unknown. (Source: NHTSA, Traffic Safety Facts Maryland, 2012 – 2016).

Consult an Auto or Work Accident Injury Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

In addition to representing clients hurt in motor vehicle accidents, we have also built a reputation as a trusted advocate for people injured at work who seek to file Maryland Workers Compensation claims. We have represented people injured in many different fields of work in Baltimore City, including those in the construction and manufacturing industries. We have helped many clients over the years injured in vehicle crashes while on the job in Baltimore.

Maryland remains one of only a few states in the nation with a Contributory Negligence law still on the books. This means if you’re found to be even a fraction at fault for your motor vehicle accident, you can be denied compensation or damages. (For more, please visits our Articles section for common types of motor vehicle and work accident cases in Maryland.) This is why we strongly urge people who’ve been in an accident with injury in Maryland to contact an experienced injury attorney.

Motor vehicle or work-related accidents can be very serious. If you’ve had an accident with injury in or around Baltimore City, contact an experienced injury lawyer today to discuss your case. For a free initial consultation with Attorney Jeffrey Butschky, call our Baltimore office at (410) 625-1121, toll-free at (800) 722-6616, or send a message through our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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