Maryland Car Accidents While at Work: How MD Workers’ Compensation Works With a Motor Vehicle Accident Liability Claim

By Jeffrey Butschky, Maryland Accident Injury Attorney

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving on the job in Baltimore County, Maryland. Maybe you’re a pharmaceutical sales rep heading to Baltimore City for a sales call, or you’re a construction worker driving your pickup truck to purchase building supplies for a job outside the city.

Suddenly, you are struck by another Maryland driver. Let’s say you’re rear-ended, your car or truck is damaged, and you suffer what feels like a whiplash neck injury. Looks like you’re not going to make it to that work appointment after all.

“I Crashed my Company Car in Maryland. Now What do I do?”

The most important thing to do when a motor vehicle accident occurs in the course of one’s employment in Md. is call the police. Most people are inclined to call their boss first to report that they’ve been in an auto accident with the company car or their own personal vehicle. DON’T DO IT. You’ll have plenty of time at the accident scene to contact your employer and fill them in.

Most Maryland employers are very concerned and will send a supervisor or someone out to inspect the car or truck accident. But calling the police FIRST is critical. The Maryland police will note the accident circumstances, vehicle damage, and any injuries that you or the other parties have suffered. Then, the police will file an official report.

That police report is an important piece of supportive documentation in any Maryland Workers’ Compensation claim and liability lawsuit, particularly if you were injured while driving in the course of your employment in Baltimore County and elsewhere in Md.

Maryland Workers’ Comp Cases and Auto Accident Injury Lawsuits/Insurance Claims

If the car or truck accident happened while you were commuting to or from work in Baltimore County, Md. — that accident is most likely not covered under Maryland Workers Compensation. However, if the vehicle crash took place while you were driving on company business, then you can file a Md workers comp claim. Sales reps, construction workers, delivery people — many types of professionals and trades people drive as part of their jobs for Maryland employers.

Whether the vehicle accident happens in a company car or truck or your own personal auto, it’s important to consult an experienced Baltimore County, Maryland Workers’ Compensation attorney early on. Some employees think that when they’re injured in a car or truck accident while on the job, that they have to choose between filing a Md Workers Comp claim versus a liability lawsuit or insurance claim. That’s not true; they’re not mutually exclusive.

“I got Hurt When I Crashed my Car at Work. Which do I File First — My Maryland Workers’ Comp Claim or an Auto Injury Liability Lawsuit?”

The way Maryland Workers’ Compensation works in conjunction with auto accident liability lawsuits and insurance claims can be very complicated and confusing. That’s why it’s important to contact a Baltimore, Maryland work injury lawyer who has experience with car accident injury liability cases and Md workers’ compensation claims. There’s a procedure that needs to be followed to ensure the injured employee is best compensated for medical bills and lost wages.

For example, in Maryland, if you settle a liability claim first, you probably can’t file a Workers Comp claim. At our Baltimore County law firm, we work with our clients to resolve their Maryland Workers Compensation claims right out of the gate — while keeping the liability carrier advised.

Once the comp case is resolved, the insurance company has a lien against any third-party recovery. So say you resolve your Work Comp case for $5,000 and you get a $20,000 offer on the liability case, the first thing you have to do is pay the Work Comp people back. This is why injured employees should contact a good MD work accident injury attorney, who can negotiate for the best possible outcome and the most equitable split of the liability settlement.

The Butschky & Butschky, LLC works with people who have been injured in accidents throughout Baltimore County, Md., including Baltimore City, Towson, Hunt Valley, and Catonsville, Maryland. If you’ve been hurt while driving as part of your job in Maryland, please contact us to talk about Workers Compensation and a liability lawsuit or insurance claim.

When someone heads out on the job in Maryland — they don’t expect to get in a motor vehicle accident. But if you’re using your personal car to do your employer’s business, be sure to notify your insurance company that you’re using your car for business pursuits. And if you get in an accident in the course of your employment, call the police and a good Baltimore County work accident injury attorney right away. You’ll be glad you did down the road.

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