Maryland Car Accident “Just in Case” Kit: Drivers, Keep These Key Things in Your Glove Box

By Jeffrey Butschky, Maryland Accident Injury Attorney

Drivers navigating the highways, bridges, and roads of the Greater Baltimore Maryland and Mid Atlantic area don’t like to think about being in a motor vehicle accident. No one does.

As a Maryland car accident lawyer representing people who’ve been injured in vehicle crashes for many years, no one I’ve known ever planned to have a car accident on the way to work on the Baltimore Beltway I-695 or on a bridge crossing Baltimore Harbor. They didn’t plan to have a car crash half a mile from home while going out for pizza. But car and truck accidents do happen, and there are some things you should keep in your vehicle “just in case.” Being prepared can make all the difference in coming out on the other end of your Maryland car accident in better shape.

License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance

The State of Maryland requires all drivers to keep their vehicle registration and proof of insurance in their car, van or SUV at all times. Most Maryland drivers know they need to have their driver’s license on them and their registration in the glove box, but many don’t know they also need proof of insurance — that little slip of paper the auto insurance company gives you when you renew your policy every year. If you don’t have it, that’s a ticketable offense. You’ve already been in a car or truck accident, you don’t need a ticket to add insult to injury.

A Picture Tells the Story (And So Does the Debris)

Most everyone now has a cellphone with a camera (and if it’s a smartphone, a video function) — making it easier for people involved in auto accidents to take photos at the scene. Remember, SAFETY should always come first. If you can take photos of your car and other vehicles involved in the crash from a safe location, away from the accident — and not in the way of traffic, police and/or other emergency responders — you will have more detailed information to support your case or claim down the road.

The plastic, glass, and other debris at an accident scene falls exactly where the crash occurred. If you survive your accident and it’s safe to take pictures of the debris, do so. That way, when the other guy points the finger at you and says, “You swerved into my lane,” your photos will show otherwise. (At the same time, if debris from your car is 4 feet into his lane, you’re in trouble.) Keep a pen and pad of paper in your glove box, too, to record important information.

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